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Autism Talk TV Ep. 8 - Stephen Shore, Autistic Author
Posted on Thursday, September 16 @ 23:36:51 EDT by
WrongPlanet Audio
It's the moment you've been waiting for with baited breath: the release of the newest episode of Autism Talk TV! In this episode, we hear from Stephen Shore, author of Autism for Dummies. Stephen also tells us about his strong belief in using music as sensory-based therapy for autistics and neurotypicals alike! Stephen himself benefited greatly from music as a young child, and lately the evidence out there has been backing him up.

Thank you to Stephen Shore for agreeing to be interviewed by Autism Talk TV. We hope you check out Stephen's books, and check back next week for episode 9 of Autism Talk TV!

Read on to watch episode 8 of Autism Talk TV!


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Re: Autism Talk TV Ep. 8 - Stephen Shore, Autistic Author (Score: 1)
by LabPet Friday, September 17 @ 13:29:47 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal) http://www.wrongplanet.net/
Thank you, Alex & Jack (my Aspergian friends, via the Wrong Planet). Thank you Dr. Shore and I always appreciate your insights. 5 star video - again. You provide a commentary for the Autistic Community to share with everyone. Aspies rock!

Re: Autism Talk TV Ep. 8 - Stephen Shore, Autistic Author (Score: 1)
by metaevol Saturday, April 09 @ 05:22:49 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://metaevol.com
before i watch the video i have just one comment. why are you saying i have fish breath? ok that was more of a comment housed in a question... and now with tension abated, ill continue with the episode. (great work by the way, i especially love the interviews with steve silberman)

Re: Autism Talk TV Ep. 8 - Stephen Shore, Autistic Author (Score: 1)
by metaevol Saturday, April 09 @ 05:33:41 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://metaevol.com
ok, thank you steven shore for your insight and work to help people with language. as we all know there are many forms of language, and we are simply more tuned into some of the languages which speak to us more clearly. music has always been one of those languages. sensory input as well...alex, im glad to put in a shot of steven's hand. my hands are always doing the same thing, feeling every grain and fiber in everything around me, as if they are reading the braille written in the language of the universe. so glad i found wrongplanet. again great job, all of you!

Re: Autism Talk TV Ep. 8 - Stephen Shore, Autistic Author (Score: 1)
by planet12 Saturday, August 13 @ 05:18:21 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
It will be a huge success. Obviously, it is one of the most awaited shows from so long. Public will be able get lot of aware about autism through this. Lot of us has bundles of questions in mind. Because it is not a commonly discussed thing or most of us are not well aware about it. Austin is doing an amazing work for autism patients and their beloved ones by providing such a show and huge information.

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