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Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words
Posted on Wednesday, November 24 @ 12:37:29 EST by
WrongPlanet Audio
If You Could Say it in Words is a great new film about an autistic protagonist Nelson and his experience with love. The film came out on DVD yesterday, November 23, 2010. In this episode of Autism Talk TV, I switch sides of the camera and get interviewed along with director Nicholas Gray and actors Alvin Keith and Marin Ireland about the project. Nicholas has graciously offered to allow approved nonprofits to screen the film for for benefits and community events.

I first learned about If You Could Say it in Words in October of 2006. I was contacted by the director, Nicholas Gray, who had found my interview of Heather Kuzmich from America's Next Top Model.

After getting the chance to watch the film, I was very excited. I interviewed Nicholas, and actor Alvin Keith, at my home in Virginia. Shortly after the interview was published, I posted a review of the movie to Wrong Planet, in which I described the film as having "the most authentic portrayal of an autistic person that I've ever seen in the movies.". After I had posted these two articles to Wrong Planet, director Nicholas Gray and I became friends. Needless to say, I was very happy when he called me and told me that he had secured a distributor for the film.

Nicholas licensed my documentary 'autism reality' to include in the special features of the DVD for If You Could Say it in Words. In addition, he asked me to produce a documentary about the plight of the undiagnosed Aspie.

Nicholas has graciously offered to allow approved nonprofits to screen the film for community events. Some nonprofits have already taken advantage of this program. You can contactAdam Eisenstein if your organization is interested showing If You Could Say it in Words at one of your events. Contact aeisenstein@chipchair.com for more information.

Now, please enjoy episode 11 of Autism Talk TV!


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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by aussieaspiewoman Saturday, February 05 @ 17:31:08 EST
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I'd love to get this DVD, does anyone know if it's available in Australia? I looked on ebay but can't find any that are Region 4?

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by sneschalmers Tuesday, January 18 @ 05:38:18 EST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.meetup.com/autisticbowlers/
I didn't like that video because I didn't understand what was going on in it.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by norplay Tuesday, January 11 @ 08:05:11 EST
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I'd love to get the DVD, but will we be able to play it in Europe? (region code..?) Thanks, N

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by ProfessorX Sunday, January 09 @ 09:04:40 EST
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Thanks Alex for, I thought your commentary as well, the interview was very good..

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by saintelfen Monday, December 06 @ 20:23:44 EST
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hey how do i get to the chat online pls?

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by ksuther09 Monday, November 29 @ 21:43:57 EST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal) http://spiritualequilibrium.blogspot.com
Nice documentary, Autism Talk TV! I really like the focus on how people who are undiagnosed and on the autism spectrum have to deal with life without answers as to why we can't achieve 'normal.' I was diagnosed with my autism spectrum disorder at 26 and I agree that it was difficult to go through life and struggle without knowing why and not being able to tell others why as well. I also agree with Alex that it's nice to see the character himself developed first and then the autism spectrum stuff worked in instead of the character being built around the diagnosis only. Nice video and I will add this movie to a long list of other stuff to get at some point :)

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by rondeau Wednesday, November 24 @ 13:37:48 EST
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Sounds like a DVD worth purchasing! If for no reason but to see that someone got it right...lol

Re: thanks (Score: 1)
by blueroses Thursday, November 25 @ 11:52:41 EST
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By far the best ATTV yet, Alex. I'm really excited to see the film and your documentary. I was at work having a very frustrating day, when I watched this over my lunch break and it made me cry. I wasn't dx'd with AS until I was almost 24 and work for a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities, so it was Nick's comment about his hope that their film encourages people to "seek services" that made me tear up. It's such a wonderful thought, but the truth is that there is very little out there in the way of services for formally-diagnosed adults and nothing for adults who cannot afford high cost of a diagnosis from a competent professional. I have been pushing to expand autism services at my agency, but there are a lot of barriers and work to be done. I love working with people with all types of disabilities, but it's heartbreaking to be able to help those with physical disabilities, while I don't have the resources to help people who are facing the same challenges I was just a few years ago. Alex, I hope your documentary addresses that the 'plight of the undiagnosed aspie' is not just about encountering misunderstandings and a lack of sensitivity from others. It also means being barred from accessing the social service programs one needs and, basically, slipping through the cracks. I've seen undiagnosed, but clearly autistic, adults who have wound up unemployed, homeless, incarcerated or unnecessarily placed in mental institutions. The most frustrating thing is that this is preventable. If your documentary doesn't capture the reality of how hard having undiagnosed autism can be, it would be awesome if you would consider working on a more in-depth project on the subject in the future. Interviewing professionals in the field and people like John Elder Robison and his son is wonderful, but I think it's also important for people to see individuals with AS whose lives and day-to-day challenges are very different. You guys are in a position to effect tangible change and I hope you take advantage of it fully! Thanks so much guys for what you are doing to raise awareness. You should be proud of what you've done so far and I hope you take it even further!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by hesting Friday, November 26 @ 07:36:37 EST
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Nice video again. I wish I had known about this film when it was released. I'm in doubt whether it was shown in German cinemas. So I would walk straightly to the store to buy the DVD if I knew it was there. :)

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by jamesongerbil Saturday, November 27 @ 01:05:28 EST
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Congratulations, Alex! :D

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 11 - If You Could Say it in Words (Score: 1)
by clshoes23 Tuesday, June 21 @ 04:12:22 EDT
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andy (Score: 1)
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