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Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys
Posted on Tuesday, February 08 @ 12:16:04 EST by
WrongPlanet Audio
Autism Talk TV is finally back from our extended holiday hiatus. This week we're interviewing Bud Fraze, president of Playability Toys. We met Bud at the ASA conference in Dallas and instantly hit it off.

Bud shows us various toys he's created for children with special needs. You'll get to learn about a Buddy Dog, a Rib-it-Ball, and a Brain Gear. Playability Toys are designed to stimulate an autistic child's sensory needs.

We originally wanted to include Bud's interview in our famous toy episode but decided he deserved his own show. Aspergian girl and production assistant Kirsten Lindsmith is guest hosting this episode with me. You may remember her from the original toy episode.


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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by LabPet Friday, February 18 @ 13:43:35 EST
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Yay! Bring on the toys - very inventive creations! Whoever has the most toys wins :)

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by rondeau Tuesday, February 22 @ 12:29:00 EST
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The toy thing is ok, but I do like the girl presence…we need more of that…girls are underrepresented.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by delic Tuesday, February 08 @ 13:03:17 EST
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Wow! I'm shocked how can someone not think in pictures/video? that's totally incogitable. I love how much thought Bud's put into the toys, he seems to have covered everything, I think my niece would love the doll or ball, shame you don't ship to the UK.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by norplay Friday, February 11 @ 05:50:01 EST
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Hey Guys, Thanks for yet another episode. This is entertaining! The thoroughness of these toys is amazing. That's what we need our autism for: going for it all the way. One thing about the appearance of you guys starring: while I can instantly "see" Alex's aspieness and therefore relate to it, when it comes to Kirsten, it's somewhat a mistery. Although likely less so than NT women, hmm..?

[No Subject] (Score: 1)
by computerlove Saturday, March 26 @ 03:01:46 EDT
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Nice vid, to make it more dynamic and engaging I'd edit out about half of it, and do more interaction between the interviewer and interviewed.

  • Re: by animalfreak123 Friday, May 20 @ 20:09:19 EDT

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by CaptainTrips222 Tuesday, June 14 @ 22:37:44 EDT
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I just watched this. It's great how much detail and planning went into those toys. Especially that plush dog- it has so much thought put into it.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by rodolfom Thursday, June 23 @ 04:52:50 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Hello people! Very interesting episode. I didn't realize thsi kind of toys exist :) excellent. The noisy, non-bouncing ball for blind children is awesome. The cube with moving elements touched my heart. I WANT ONE!! Best Regards from Spain.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by xfantasy Saturday, September 17 @ 09:26:37 EDT
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Nice toy and I like presence girls

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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by zxj1234 Wednesday, February 15 @ 21:18:25 EST
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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 13 - Bud Fraze of Playability Toys (Score: 1)
by DragonB Thursday, July 26 @ 20:10:08 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
awesome video

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