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Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . .
Posted on Wednesday, August 31 @ 12:51:36 EDT by
WrongPlanet Audio
Alex, Kirsten, and Jack are back together in Orlando, Florida for the Autism Society Conference. We had a blast at the conference and filmed a TON of AMAZING videos!

Kirsten talks with Dena Gassner about the special challenges that come with being a woman on the spectrum. Alex and Dr. Robert Naseef gave a talk about fatherhood at the ASA conference. They talk about the uniqueness of the relationship between a father and an individual on the autism spectrum. Jack and Alex talk with Claire Dumke about executive functioning. This involves learning to drive, keeping track of things, and other great info.

This is the first of 4 episodes that take place at the conference. This is also the first of our new multipart episodes.


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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by wendigopsychosis Wednesday, August 31 @ 13:40:36 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://kirstenlindsmith.wordpress.com
Wow! I'm so sunburned!!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by techstepgenr8tion Wednesday, August 31 @ 14:45:05 EDT
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Hope y'all enjoyed the sunshine and palm trees, I'm going to Boca this weekend and it's supposed to thunderstorm the entire time :(.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by computerlove Wednesday, August 31 @ 23:13:49 EDT
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Damn she's hot! nice vid!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by Ai_Ling Thursday, September 01 @ 04:15:51 EDT
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As female with aspergers, sure women do get more social training. But on the otherhand the social demands for socializing with women are much higher. Because we cant meet the social demands, I find we're either excluded or pitied. Excluded from other females if our actions are seen as delibrete. Pitied if our fellow females see us as incompetant socially. If fellow females simply accept us as a defective female and develop relations in attempt to nurture us, then this will camoflauge the autism. If we are excluded, I dont see how our autism is camoflauged? Female relations are formed mostly due to emotional connection. Whereas male relations are more activity/interest based. Aspies are typically more activity/interest based people. So I still dont get it? In terms of male brained. I think the concept of masculinity/feminity still needs to be correctly defined. Theres so many male/female stereotypes out there. Do autistics have more of the characteristics associated with masculinity. I personally think its a mixed bag with either male or female.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by PaintingDiva Thursday, September 01 @ 11:21:51 EDT
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Thanks for posting these interviews. Very informative and helpful and current!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by anna-banana Friday, September 02 @ 17:50:01 EDT
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wow you guys are adorable! I'd love some more peeks at the panels, let us know if there are some talks from the conference available to watch on youtube!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by abc123 Saturday, September 10 @ 15:48:11 EDT
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Hi, it's nice to see some Aspies as I've met very few. You all seem so nice and I see a little of myself in Kirsten and Jack e.g. eye contact and going really quiet at times. It's nice that you know other like-minded people and come across positively Fancy an exchange between the rainy UK and sunny USA, I'm a little jealous!

What a load of... (Score: 1)
by Lonermutant Sunday, September 11 @ 07:09:19 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://home.online.no/~ojmalm/
People who don't "succeed" with Asperger's are not embarassed, they don't "succeed" because they have ADD or ADHD or low IQ!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by AGMorehouse Tuesday, September 13 @ 01:10:30 EDT
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A lot of the things mentioned here are pretty common for people who have Aspergers. Get ready for routine, do your stuff, have caring parents are all pretty fair. But still a great video, and good work Alex Plank!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by golfmax Tuesday, September 13 @ 04:11:33 EDT
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Thank for the post!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by Antreus Saturday, September 24 @ 18:11:15 EDT
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Thanks for these episodes they are a good update. I hope in the future you can make more episodes focused not on children, but resources and happenings/issues related to adults like employment, time-management resources, DVR, the process of applying for SSI, things of this nature. I think too much time is spent on helping adolescents now coming into the ASD community age-wise and less on those whom have been dealing with it without much government-social undertaking on how to integrate autistic individuals into society. Top Issues Adults with ASD face: 1. Employment Issues and Asperger's 2. Asperger's Syndrome Leads To Feelings Of Inadequacy And Social Anxiety 3. Difficulty With Friends And Relationships 4. Feelings Of Meaninglessness

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by Antreus Saturday, September 24 @ 18:21:23 EDT
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Please have more videos about what the woman featured in this video talked about regarding disclosure, partial and full, and when to use it. Social scripts would be helpful in this manner on how to convey your impairment when your mind is racing on how to advocate for yourself: Novel situations wherein you can't function properly, e.g., TSA at the airport, close contact, touch ,etc.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by Antreus Saturday, September 24 @ 18:37:00 EDT
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I enjoyed this episode on the female phenotype of ASD because it highlights issues surrounding male and females who don't particularly fit in to either phenotype. I am a male and I mimicked mostly females and so I am more socially wieldy than the typical male on the spectrum so I can relate a lot to what was said in this episode from a male perspective entirely. I easily passed under the radar by imitating my older sister socially and wasn't diagnosed until my early twenties.

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by nortier Tuesday, October 04 @ 12:35:00 EDT
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What a relief to see this video! I haven't been here for a while, and I've been getting tired of people going "I CANNOT believe you have Asperger's!" and then me having to explain to them what executive dysfunction is, and them never understanding it. Thanks guys!

Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
by bigmallshop Monday, February 13 @ 22:36:32 EST
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Please tell me some Video available to watch on youtube!

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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
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Re: Autism Talk TV - Ep. 16 - Women, Fatherhood, and Executive Functioning. . . (Score: 1)
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