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Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18
Posted on Saturday, December 17 @ 13:25:11 EST by
WrongPlanet Audio
Alex got the exclusive at the Autism Walk in Los Angeles, CA. He interviews the cast of NBC's hit show Parenthood, starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, and Monica Potter. Parenthood's creator, Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights), has a son with Asperger's / Autism.

Max Braverman is an autistic character in the show. Parenthood covers issues surrounding the parenting of someone on the autism spectrum. This includes things such as obsessions, meltdowns, and issues with social skills. Alex talks with the cast (Monica Potter, Max Burkholder, Sarah Ramos, Miles Heizer, and Jason Ritter) about Autism, acting, and NBC's hit show Parenthood!

Watch the Parenthood Interview!


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Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk 18 (Score: 1)
by snpeden Saturday, December 17 @ 16:41:28 EST
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It seems to me like most of these people are saying what is politically correct and nothing more. Half of them look completely uninterested. Why give an interview if you're not going to bother to mentally be there? For clarification, I'm talking about the interviewees. I hope it wasn't really the case, but if it was I'm sorry. They don't look like they care at all.

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk 18 (Score: 1)
by Tambourine-Man Sunday, December 18 @ 11:31:43 EST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Scott-Holman/267958723228267
I love this show! Very exciting to see this episode of ATT. So... where can I get a WP t-shirt?

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk 18 (Score: 1)
by liloleme Sunday, December 18 @ 11:42:15 EST
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Cool, I watch the show. I sometimes think they overdo the worrying Mom thing but maybe NT Mom's are more like that. Since Im an Aspie too its hard judge and I think Im more laid back and accepting of a lot of things. I do understand worrying though and loved the episode where the Mom confronts some of his bullies, that would be something I would do ;). I think Max does well "acting" as though he is autistic and I like that they show that he is learning so people will understand that we can learn to start controlling our meltdowns deal with our anxiety and even to learn to think of others (empathize). I like the show a lot, I like the whole family and the dynamics of the family. There are interesting and amusing characters in the entire show. Great interview Alex :)!

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk 18 (Score: 1)
by halfaspieguy Sunday, December 18 @ 12:00:43 EST
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I'm glad to see an increase in awareness about AS but I am also concerned about the stereotypes that are being reinforced. Aspies are not all the same. For example I was a very calm and quiet kid that never had "external" meltdowns. Since being diagnosed at 53 years old I find myself having to persuade some people that the lack of one characteristic or another is not proof that I am "normal" and that I just don't want to "fit in." I am interested in finding ways to show our diversity to the NT world so that, rather than trying to cure us, they might see the advantage in having a few of us around when they need us. Any thoughts out there?

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by shulamith Monday, December 19 @ 18:25:26 EST
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I'm really surprised more people aren't upset about this. This is exactly what is wrong with the media stereotype of autism/AS. It's all about the external view of AS- how it looks to people who don't have it. The emphasis needs to start being on what it is like to experience it, instead of talking about how hard it is to deal with people who have it. I mean, if you are the parent of an autistic child, especially one with AS and not a more "severe" form, and the thing that strikes you most about it is their meltdowns, that's really insulting. Aspies do more than melt down, require patience, and act as "positive experiences" for NT's. It really is painful for me, an Aspie, to hear that the NT's in my life are apparently "being patient" and putting up with me.

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by luckynishantji Friday, December 23 @ 11:32:48 EST
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Really good topic

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by luckynishantji Friday, December 23 @ 11:32:49 EST
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Really good topic

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by earthmom Monday, December 26 @ 02:54:07 EST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.earthmombooks.com
Great interview, Alex. I have watched every episode of this show and really am glad it's on. To the person who mentioned the 'worrying mother' aspect of Max's mom - I believe it's because she totally has AS herself. It strikes me as perplexing how so many of her age group think these 'newly diagnosed kids' just fell out of the air. They didn't. The diagnosis is more prevalent as it's being recognized more now, but it really does run in families. If your kid has it, take a good look at yourself. Strikes me as funny to see parents stimming or obsessing on and on while complaining about their 'special' kid while they assume they are NT just because they have never been labeled officially by a doctor. I love that this show has a Aspie as not only a cast member but a regular. Some story lines are totally about him and most are just regular family with him there - just like life.

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by Fornik Sunday, January 01 @ 11:42:21 EST
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Each parent needs to love to listen to the voice of a child's heart, the external and internal will be moved to the child.

Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by Revival Monday, January 09 @ 11:49:08 EST
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OK, I'm lucky in the fact that I have no problems reading people, I don't have that component of aspergers. I thought that most of us did? how have so many other people caught on to the fact that these guys are not caring? Well I'm kinda new, maybe we have a greater neurotypical population here than I thought, relatives of aspergers etc.

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Re: Interview with the Cast of Parenthood from NBC - Autism Talk TV 18 (Score: 1)
by BobY Saturday, January 19 @ 13:02:25 EST
(User Info | Send a Message) http://bobyamtich.com
I think the show showed courage in also having an NT gifted child character, and the same doctor consulted with both parents!

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