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Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19
Posted on Wednesday, January 11 @ 12:16:36 EST by
WrongPlanet Audio
Alex, Jack, and Kirsten spend this entire episode talking about supports for people with autism who are attending college or university. This is the third and final part of our episodes at the ASA 2011 conference in Orlando. We talked with Marc Ellison of Marshall University's disability services and Michael McManmon of the College Internship Program.

Also, Jack and Kirsten's relationship and our show were recently featured in a New York Times article by pulitzer prize winning reporter Amy Harmon. You can check out the article here.

Watch Ep. 19 of Autism Talk TV


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Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by aussiebloke Wednesday, January 11 @ 20:27:48 EST
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I'm begining to think autism is nothing more than college educated Americans who are aged less than 25, Are their not any overweight and depressive autistics who are on disability and are not good at anything and are loathed by their families? Seems not .

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by Lonermutant Thursday, January 12 @ 16:13:31 EST
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I'd like to hear about some kind of project that gives people good unskilled jobs!

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by delic Friday, January 13 @ 14:36:58 EST
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Yeah I'm with you aussiebloke, all seems to be aimed around people much more able than myself for obvious reasons I guess, still I find most videos interesting in some way, but some make me feel like a sh*t autistic lol - I have no interest in watching this one.

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by Agemaki Friday, January 13 @ 15:30:31 EST
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I'm not sure how much those kind of programs would have helped someone like me. I've had a growing awareness of my own sensory issues for sometime and I've gotten by in college without making friends or engaging in social activities. I have difficulty relating to most other young people my age and I have better relationships with my professors than with my peers. I'm sort of lonely sometimes but for the most part I realize that I'm happier being alone than being bothered by other people so for this reason I have chosen not to live in the dorms. I don't think it would do much for making friends if I held a grudge against my neighbors for expressing their loud, youthful exuberance. I thought the comments about "so and so will be a college professor someday" were a little odd. My understanding is that it's getting rather difficult to get a tenured position these days, regardless of skill level. I'm intending to go to grad school anyway but stating with such certainty that someone will be a professor seems a little misleading.

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by sunshower Friday, January 13 @ 19:59:44 EST
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I think this is a really great episode, having a program like this would have helped me hugely in college/university. I did it mostly on my own, but with the help of an amazing social worker who really helped me out with learning executive function skills as well as coping with everything. Living on campus here is probably not as bad because everyone has their own room - but I don't know if I could have survived having to share a dorm with someone (my main coping mechanism was retreating to the solitude of my small room - my only space of isolation). I think, regarding sensory issues, noise is also a big one, especially with living in a college environment. I found mealtimes particularly trying as the noise of over 100 people talking loudly all around me used to make me swallow my food too quickly then I'd feel sick for hours afterwards. To the above commenters - I think you're being unfair. It's true there are all different types of people with autism, and some may go to university whereas some may not; however, I don't think doing a commentary based on the experience of university students is somehow stigmatizing those who do not go to uni. The episodes of Autism Talk Tv I've seen so far have been very varied, and this is the first one I've seen about university.

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by Awiddershinlife Sunday, January 15 @ 16:33:31 EST
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I did amazingly well in college. Its so NOT high school and academics are easy for me. I have tried everything I can think of to manage in an corporate/institution type office, but have failed, so I am 'self employed and don't have health benefits and I pay (or rather, owe) an enormous amount in taxes ($9,000 this year!!). I have tried both coming out of and staying in the ASP closet, but neither seemed to help. Additionally, I was never bullied until I was working in a corporate/institution type office.

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by aussiebloke Sunday, January 15 @ 20:12:24 EST
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Lonermutant wrote: I'd like to hear about some kind of project that gives people good unskilled jobs Truck driver ? I'd do it but is it worth it? Risk having another head injury, is a job worth dyeing for ?

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by aussiebloke Monday, January 16 @ 18:32:45 EST
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To those who say I'm being "unfair" hardly what about the NT parents who have the IQ of a 2X4 come here and see the autiverse as good looking educated and high achieving peoples and they see their little Johny or Jeannette not measuring up even in subjects their intrested in, it's called bullydom you see. This will only give these parents amo to stick it to their chlidren (you know I'm right) I'm begining to think this autism TV is nothing more than a rub our nose in it project we get it some of the people here are awesome so awesome in fact I'm willing to bet they had their loving parents pay for their college education (safe to say I would imagine)

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by TheWingman Tuesday, January 17 @ 09:08:32 EST
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could someone tell me what is the piano music at the beginning.

Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by theseeker Sunday, January 22 @ 19:39:49 EST
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I really could have used this video in college my sophomore year! I avoided all unnecessary social interaction for an entire semester; that only made things worse.

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Re: Autism and College - Autism Talk TV 19 (Score: 1)
by DaBeef2112 Tuesday, May 01 @ 23:20:08 EDT
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When is episode 20? It's been a while!

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