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Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings
Posted on Saturday, December 15 @ 16:24:49 EST by
Asperger's in the News
Autism Rights Watch
Autism Rights Watch grieves for the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the community of Newtown, CT. We are devastated. Our wishes and condolences go to the many families affected. Our thoughts also go to the first responders who faced this horrific scene.

The news of the gunman massacre was an absolute shock. “Evil visited this community” said Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy. 20 year-old Adam Lanza made a horrible individual choice. He decided to shoot four weapons, kill his mother, attack an elementary school and take his own life.

Details are sketchy. According to ABC News, Ryan Lanza, the older brother of Adam Lanza, told police that his brother has Asperger Syndrome and another “personality disorder.” Yet, as of now, the New York Times reported that “law enforcement officials offered no hint of what had motivated Mr. Lanza”. Maybe someday, we will explain, though never justify, this tragedy.

The search for answers should not be a search for a scapegoat. Autism is no excuse or explanation to evil. Being “autistic”, “odd”, “awkward”, “camera shy”, a “nerd” and “uncomfortable with others” does not cause a person to become a mass murderer. Autistic persons are more likely to be victims, rather than perpetrators of violence. Autism Rights Watch urges the public and the media outlets not to stigmatize the autistic persons and their families. They already are facing segregation and prejudices on a daily basis.

The easy access to weapons in our households is the most solid contributing factor to this murder-suicide. Schools are not immune from rampage risks. This attack was the fourth in a school and the seventh this year in the United States. Years have passed since the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 and the Columbine school shootings in 1999. This tragedy must be a real wake-up call. The death of these elementary school children should not be in vain. We congratulate President Barack Obama for his decision to push “meaningful actions” that may help prevent such tragedy or revoke legislation that may assist it.

Autism Rights Watch joins in solidarity today to mourn the loss of lives in Connecticut. We are very confident in the ability of the police and the President to address the root causes of this murder-suicide without resorting to scapegoats and hasty explanations.

Note: Autism Rights Watch is an independent non-partisan, non-sectarian international non-profit organization dedicated to the rights and the inclusion of the persons on the autism spectrum and with other special needs. Our 501c3 status is pending. ARW is an American based NGO with significant activities in France and in Florida. It participates as an NGO to the informal network against school segregation at the Council of Europe.

Media inquiries shall be directed to contact@autismrightswatch.org
Note from Wrong Planet: Autism Rights Watch is an independent NGO and not affiliated with Wrong Planet. However, Wrong Planet members are also discussing this issue:
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Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by xiaodouzi Thursday, March 21 @ 22:29:13 EDT
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Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by JustanEcho Saturday, December 22 @ 00:29:51 EST
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As I began hearing rumors out of Newtown that Adam Lanza my have had Asperger's, I was not so much furious at the media's seeming readiness to blame Asperger's for the shootings. I am the parent of an 11 yr old with Asperger's and I know for a fact that it was not Asperger's that was the reasoning behind this tragedy. We are fortunate enough that I make just enough to allow for my wife to be a stay at home mom, always available for our little girl. It does make times a little tough, making it from paycheck to paycheck, but our daughter flourishes with mommy always available and it more than makes up for the extra effort I must put forth to ensure that we can continue this way. How many children with Asperger's are left to suffer as mommy and daddy both have to work many hours and odd times just to be able to pay the bills? How many children with Asperger's have no one to turn to in their times of need and are left to turn further inwards, making social interaction even more difficult? Depending on the type and extent of help and understanding Adam Lanza was recieving from his mother, we may never really know at just what mental age this person truely was. I have seen it myself, firsthand. A number of years back, my wife and I seperated shortly, partially due to differences in understanding of what our daughter really needed in the way of support. Our daughter was devastated to say the least, and began to regress as a result. My wife and I put our differences aside and made our marriage work, putting our daughter as priority one. Our daughter began to reverse course fairly quickly and showed me just how much I needed to learn. This is something that has been forgotten on today's society and we have lawmakers and politicians attempting to scale back the programs that these children need despartely. Afterall, all of these children with Asperger's are tomorrow's policy makers and those that wish to push them aside had better beware. (don't take that statement wrong in the terms of doing something bad, instead they will change things in ways we can not even concieve.)

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by M4d150n2596 Wednesday, December 19 @ 15:13:50 EST
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As an Aspie, I was absolutely furious upon hearing the news reporters speculate that Lanza may have had Asperger's syndrome; don't they realize that society is already a sufficiently difficult entity for autistic people without others presuming that they have violent tendencies? I am autistic, and I've met many others who are also on the spectrum, none of whom are even remotely violent! If anything, those with ASDs are more likely to be victimized--bullied, harrassed, and denigrated because of their decidedly "odd" behavior. This was a terrible tragedy, and it's human nature to want to blame something, but I think that we need to turn our attention to places other than the autism spectrum to find a culprit. Just as the article mentioned--"being 'autistic,' 'odd,' 'awkward,' 'camera shy,' a 'nerd' and 'uncomfortable with others' does not cause a person to become a mass murderer"!

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by Aquais94 Saturday, December 15 @ 21:43:24 EST
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My reaction is, (by the way, I'm Autistic), After reading this video, I got anxious and worried, But I will not do a such a thing, never, But the good part is, I will help them, What I do to my children or an elementary school students. I will help them, and spoil them, even like them. Which, I Like Children, because I am learning about how to be a parent. There is an alternative, People who are struggling in their life, You should start another life in another country that you like. If He didn't killed his mother, I will put him into therapy. I wouldn't hurt my mother, because I Love my mother so much, and she is nice like a sunflower. If there is a problem, I would get over it, and Move away to Australia to live to start my life over again. It's very hard to people who has autism to get their own way. Outburst is a type of anger that is related to tantrum, but violence is present, or putting people down. I am trying hard to get over my anger and struggles in my life.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by soulburner Sunday, December 16 @ 00:13:18 EST
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when i read the news about this, i was in shock. what bastard would want to kill little children? it is sick and it shows how society just dont care anymore. its a heartless world we live in. smh..

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by rondeau Monday, December 17 @ 10:51:47 EST
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First, we should consider our toys. They divert our attention away from everything that is valuable on this planet and in life. They submerge us into delusions for extended periods of time…delusions involving the most repulsive acts of violence…diversions that cause the most horrific traffic accidents…the OFF switch could be a good start…

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by j0hnny Monday, December 17 @ 11:14:43 EST
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There is some odd irony in that the last disaster dealt with was Hurricane Sandy and now this happens in Sandy Hook Elementary School. One has to ask themselves that as things in the world get crazier and crazier that if the end of the world came anytime soon, we may actually be better off. And that's sad to have to say that. Unfortunately, this world is too screwed up to try to make it a better place. :(

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by Vomelche Tuesday, December 18 @ 01:36:58 EST
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Gun control won`t help anything. If someone wants to go on a killing spree, they will find any way to do it. The real problem is that people that mentally ill are not getting any help. Seems it will take many more of these tragedies before people will realize this.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 2, Insighful)
by aghogday Saturday, December 15 @ 19:25:18 EST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal) http://en.gravatar.com/katiemiafrederick
"The easy access to weapons in our households is the most solid contributing factor to this murder-suicide. Schools are not immune from rampage risks." ^^^^^ This Excellent information and response by the Autism Rights Watch Organization. Securing weapons in the home, under lock and key, by registered owners or responsible parties for the guns, not only reduces the potential for an incident like this, but also reduces the potential that others will steal the guns and use them for illicit activity. Not likely a law could or would be passed to enforce this, but it should be acknowledged and emphasized over and over in public education efforts as a personal responsibility of every gun owner, for the good of all of their fellow citizens.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by n4mwd Tuesday, December 18 @ 20:06:03 EST
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Most aspies on the spectrum are non-violent, but I think it is very possible that there is a fringe minority that is prone to violence. This is not the first aspie related school shooting. The Virgina Tech shooting was also done by an alleged aspie. Gun control isn't going to fix the problem. If he didn't use a gun, he would use a bow and arrow, or explosives, or fire, or knives, or something. What we do need is universal health care and more research into the autism spectrum.

I feel sympathy for everyone involved..... (Score: 1)
by Smolderin Tuesday, December 18 @ 21:27:27 EST
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Hmm, I don't know if I will catch any flak for this, but here I go. First off, let me just say that this is absolutely horrible. I am highly sympathetic towards the families that lost their family members, but is it wrong for me to be slightly sympathetic to the one that pulled the trigger? Hear me out for a moment. What makes an individual do such a horrible things? Adam Lanza suffered. How? We don't exactly know, but people have openly come out and said what they have observed from Adam before the shooting. He was quite, socially withdrawn, an introvert at it's purest. Being that way, Autism/Asperger's or not, would open him up to bullying and would possibly suffer from a lack of understanding from both his family and peers. I can relate to this. I am not understood by my family, and I have been severely bullied in school. The difference between me and him however is that I would never pull a trigger on anyone, no matter how angry at the world I might become...and Adam Lanza was very, very angry. I am sympathetic with Adam, because when I see Adam...I see myself when I was younger. When I look into that photo of Adam, I see eyes all to familiar. When I hear of people like this doing horrible things, I know that with the right variables...I could have choose the same thing. It is a scary thought, but while it is true that Adam pulled the trigger...I believe society had a huge part to play in his development. Whether it be the medical side of society, or simply that part of society that seems hellbent in rejecting anyone who does not conform to the herd mentality. It just goes to show that we all have a long way to go as a human race. But I think what we all have to work on most of all, is acceptance. Acceptance of one's differences, of one's faults. I say it every day and I will say it now, a simple smile, hug, hand-shake, or kiss goes along way to those who are suffering. I should know. For all we know, a simple act of kindness could have saved many lives. However, in the end, Adam Lanza made a choice, and it was a choice that shocked and horrified a nation. I in no way condone any of his behavior and I think what he did was absolutely monstrous....but I will still feel sympathetic. The path to insanity is a long and painful one, with a tragic and destructive end. I can only hope that society will learn from this.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by Photoguruchris Tuesday, December 25 @ 16:54:37 EST
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Looks like the mass media is in full "propaganda" mode to disarm Americans from the looks of all of the headlines. Great idea, take weapons away from law abiding citizens and let the government and criminals be the only ones with guns. The problem and reason for this shooting isn't the fact that he was autistic, the problem isn't the fact that guns are available to most. The problem is a system of education that is a joke, and a system that promotes hate and violence over love and tolerance especially with the rise of nationalism, overly arrogant self-love, and hatred of anyone who is different even if that difference is very small. Also the problem is a system that promotes anti-depressant use which increases suicide rates by 800% and makes people go crazy. Mix in other drugs and give children a drug cocktail and then you have a ticking time bomb. Also about 8 out of the last 11 school shooters were on anti-depressants. If this school shooting outrages you look at how many children committed suicide in the past year and how many of them were documented users of anti-depressants. Then you will see real horrors. But of course those stories never reaches headlines because it will cut too much into their friends profits and not generate enough profit and attention from viewers. I would like to see a system that looks at every aspect of a situation as to why people did certain things such as in this case. But of course the American way is to put profit over morality, brush the elephant in the room under a rug and tell people its an uneven floor, and to demonize an individual, group, or constitutional right that many have died to protect, and then pretend like everything is ok because we have a scape goat. As far as banning guns and giving the government the only legal right to bare arms leaves the criminals with weapons and the people unable to defend themselves. In today's world of corruption I think I trust the criminals more with weapons than I do our government. To be honest I can't tell the difference between the government and the criminals these days. I guess criminals are nicer with their crimes and don't commit mass genocides and slaughter masses of innocent people in foreign lands using racism and discrimination to demonize an entire populous and justify the genocide without too much public out cry. As a person with a disability I honestly can say that the shooter was also the victim and in a society where many people would rather kill themselves than be who they are and in a world where if your different than you are then given a disability and something must be wrong with you because your not like everyone else; not the system that continues to fail our country and our youth. Lets start thinking for ourselves America and stop listening to the government and media that are both controlled by corporate America think for you.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by latinlover88 Tuesday, January 29 @ 09:30:23 EST
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As we all know what happen last december was a terrible tragedy that isn't suppost to happen, but if is true that adam lanza is on the autism spectrum then that is true, but for him to shoot innocent people including children and even his own mother, then that's not the case.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by n4mwd Tuesday, January 15 @ 07:01:44 EST
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This guy may or may not have been an aspie. I suspect that instead of aspergers, he probably had one of the look a like mental illnesses that are commonly misdiagnosed as aspergers. You have to be seriously mentally ill to harm an innocent child. Aspergers is not a mental illness, but a learning disability instead. If the country had universal health care, he might have been properly diagnosed and treated. I don't think anyone can blame guns. He would have used explosives or poison if guns were not available. This sort of thing rarely happens in the UK, Canada and Japan where they have Universal Health Care that spots mental illnesses and treats them before stuff like this happens.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by appletheclown Sunday, April 07 @ 12:51:45 EDT
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Who gave the president an all knowing and all seeing eye all of the sudden? Is America losing it's grit? Biden is even worse, he is a dirt bag, defecate on them? **** you Biden! I am also calling out Cops. 80% of Gun violence is committed with stolen guns, 10% by Cops, and 10% by previously Law abiding gun Owners (they own the guns they use). How can you give a cop another gun when he isn't keeping Gun thieves off the streets? It is complete rubbish! STOLEN gun control, that is what we need. Plus, there are easier ways to put a serial number on a gun. ID CHIPS, huh why didn't they think of that, oh we put them in dogs psshh, WTH? Last but not least, my deepest condolences to the victims. Biden, ****'n sexist pig!

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by CaliforniaGirl1993 Wednesday, April 10 @ 23:44:58 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://hawaiifan.deviantart.com/
I'm seriously getting really tired of hearing this Newton school shooting b*ll sh*t. Seriously people, stop thinking of the past and look toward the future. I have nothing against the victims and their families. It must be terrible but people need to try to relax and get a grip. This is my opinion and you don't have to agree with me.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by Kjartan Friday, May 10 @ 15:33:45 EDT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://autisticspirituality.blogspot.com
There is a certain irony to the fact that this "Autism Rights Watch" uses the puzzle piece image in their logo. The whole iconography of the "puzzle piece" is dehumanizing - we are not "puzzles," WE ARE PEOPLE! A key right is to be treated as a human being, not an enigma or "other," which the puzzle imagery represents.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by Blackman Sunday, August 04 @ 09:44:49 EDT
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Asperger syndrome is not a disability, disease, syndrome, disorder, or a defect. These symptons are just a personality, not a diagnosiable condition. Cancer is real. Giving a regular personality a name for a disorder is inhuman. Never listen to narcissitic psychologists. A personality should stay a personality.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by agmoie Wednesday, August 14 @ 14:28:15 EDT
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The fact that the Boston bombers were NT was not trumpeted in the media,let's hope we Autistics can refrain from denigrating NTs as a result of these two NTs actions.Believing in spooky all powerful creators is common amongst NTs but even some Autistics are partial to fairy tales of this type.

Re: Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings (Score: 1)
by YesKindofMaybe Sunday, September 29 @ 17:40:15 EDT
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Autistic people have been the most non-violent on average of any single demographic I have ever met, except for Mormons, which I have them tied with.

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