Very sensitive to certain noises/overload?

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25 Jun 2012, 3:50 pm

There are some noises that are extremely annoying to me, and some make me agressive to the brink of rage. Most of these noises have a "social aspect", such as annoying laughter, whispering, whistling, bad singing, shouting... but also stuff like fast cars or (VERY ANNOYING) lawn mowers and chainsaws.
Now, I live in a small village where, at least in summer, there's constantly someone mowing their lawn or using a chainsaw or whatever, and our neighbours sometimes have pretty loud parties at weekends. If I'm in a good mood I can bear it, but if not, these noises really infuriate me. I will try stuff something into my ears, cover them with hands, blankets, etc. I get agressive to people around me and insult the people responsible for the noise (when they can't hear me). Sometimes I even imagine killing or severely hurting them.
A few weeks ago, I guess I had my first real overload. I was in a bad mood anyways, and then someone started using a chainsaw in our street. At the same time my mother wanted to talk to me and just didn't notice how agressive I already was. At some point she got annoyed and asked my why I wouldn't talk normally to her, and I explained it was because of the noise. She kinda yelled at me for being so overly sensitive, and that was when it got too much. I felt like I was going to explode, my heart was racing and I felt like crying, I went to my room, locked it, covered my ears so I wouldn't hear anything and laid on my bed in fetal position for maybe half an hour. I even imagined I was still hearing the chainsaw, though I clearly couldn't. It took ages for me to calm down. After a while I could read a little, and then I walked around in the house again, but still with earplugs in. I took them out after maybe an hour and the noises were gone, but I felt overly sensitive for the rest of the day.. like my ears were actually hurt and raw.
Was that what you could describe as an overload? And do you share this extreme sensitiveness to noise? The strange thing is that stuff like rain, wind or thunder don't bother me at all, they're actually soothing and help me sleep.


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25 Jun 2012, 4:11 pm

Certain noises hurt my ears. I wouldn't say making me want to kill but to get away from it YES. I hate the annoying beeping from the hospital machine ARGGG!! !! Also screeching a fork on a plate I reach for my ears. Sometimes my sisters or dad does it just to see me cover my ears and to annoy me. I also HATE the noise of a skill saw SCREEECH!! !! !! !! I have to run into the house! I HATE IT!! !! I just try to get away from the annoying noise is all. My dad is loud when he talks and although he's in another part of the house I hear him through the door so it bugs me and I can't concentrate on reading my book. So YES sounds bug me. :-)


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25 Jun 2012, 4:18 pm

I don't react this way to many sounds, but the few that do bother me tend to enrage me far beyond mere annoyance. When music is fast and loud and there's a lot of background noise and people are talking to me, I have to leave or turn it off, or else I will scream.

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Tufted Titmouse

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25 Jun 2012, 4:29 pm

Yup, very sensitive to sounds (and smells or bright light). The fire alarm at work hurts my ears so much that I can only cover my ears and scrunch down in my chair, so if there ever was a fire I'd be a goner! I can't concentrate if there is someone talking too loudly or if the television is too loud, or if the hoover is on, or building work nearby, and it does kind of get in your head so I can still hear the noise for quite a while after it has stopped. Sudden loud noises or bright lights almost always trigger a migraine, which doesn't help, and I hate earplugs - the world is just too noisy! :)


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25 Jun 2012, 4:54 pm

I have trouble with vacuum cleaners,traffic,sudden loud noises,(deer season is no fun for the deer or me),loud machinery such as jack hammers.I can't understand people good if there are loud background noises.But the worst for me are some smells.Diesel fumes and autos that are belching out black oily exhaust have made me so sick that I have almost puked.I get an intense headache and a sinking depressed feeling.Just some more reasons why I don't do big cities.


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25 Jun 2012, 5:03 pm

I'm quite sensitive to light and some of the noises you've described. I wouldn't say they are painful or unbearable, but they completely stop me focusing on anything else and I get agitated and fidgety.

Fans, motors, pumps etc. are the worst really.



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25 Jun 2012, 10:46 pm

pretty much everything outside, i can really be a pain walking at night there are so many light, flashing signs and such in towns, everything feels like a giant discoball flashing everywhere.

From what ive been told i lack somekind of filter, that normal people have, they can somehow block it or something, dont understand how they manage to do that, everything goes into my head and fills it up, i dont remember a lot, but all the sounds, noises and visual makes everything spin in my head like a big washing machine, then sleep can take the worse get 2-3.

But i do sleep quite long, even longer if ive had a lot of new input, not sure if it works for everyone, but 10 hours of sleep, that cleans by head, if ive had alot of new imput and i only sleep say 6 hours or 8 i feel like ive been out drinking, having tics and everything is just 10 times worse than a normal day which is bad enough.

I really hate Vacuum cleaners why do they have to be so noisy and such high pitch, i run around with a thingy to cover my ears, not sure whats its called in english, it takes a lot of the noise.


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25 Jun 2012, 10:59 pm


The sound of kissing makes me want to punch a baby. (* disclaimer: clearly, I wouldn't punch an actual baby, this is a phrase or term of speech to add a dramatic effect). But, I do hate the sound and it makes me angry and curse.

Other sounds I notice way, way more than other people. I stayed at a friend's parent's house one night. I heard a train a mile or two away that they had never heard in their decades of living there.

TV, mowing, high-pitched female voices, baby talk by adults, whisling, whispering, high-pitched singing, loud music, talk radio, some news channels, the sound of chewing, and the sound of licking annoy me.

And, yes, it makes me want to retreat from the sound, just like you did.

The sounds piss me off. Eventually you'll have to learn how to not take your anger out on other people and retreat or find other coping methods.

Other people don't understand that we're not trying to be "overly sensitive." With that said, with time and practice, we learn to at least cope and more or less be functional enough to attend school and work. Sometimes I'll go to the bathroom and just sit there for a while at work or in public places to get away from the noise. Once I cool down and deal, I return to life.

Earplugs.... awesome.

Maybe wearing them often would help.

More sleep... awesome.

It's easier to cope if you're rested than when you're already tired and in need of sleep.

Telling people you're tired or don't feel well and need to go lay down may help them not try to talk to you when you're having these issues.

Noise sucks and it's hard to deal with, especially when tired or you're trying to focus, but you can't let it get to the point that you're taking rage out on those you care about (or even people you don't care about). It's not their fault that that a neighbor is being noisy, and it's not their fault you are more sensitive to sound, and... of course, there are worse things in the world than annoying noises.

Earplugs + finding a way to cope + using the "I'm tired.. going to go take a nap" = a good way to deal with it.


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25 Jun 2012, 11:01 pm

For a while on and off there was this commercial for Quietus that was supposed to help Tinnitus suffers. Well to illustrate that it seemed they wanted all their viewers and listeners even on radio to experience a horrible pinging scrinching noise.

I'd hit the Mute really quickly if I noticed that commercial might be coming on. Or turn the radio down. Or if I didn't have the TV or Radio controls handy just cover my ears. It seemed incredibly rude to broadcast that. I think I came close to complaining to the FCC.

When it first started it would come on the radio while driving and it freaked me out.


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25 Jun 2012, 11:07 pm

I'm sensitive to loud, noisy crowd's, dishes clanging together (the worst), lawnmowers, chainsaws, motorbikes, fast cars, supermarkets, televisions turned up quite loud, I can no longer watch television or listen to the radio (except classical station) since the horribly shrill advertisements are so freaking annoying.
Also dogs barking. My dog has a deep but extremely loud bark which has sent me over the edge a few times. Although, I think some of the reason is because I associate him barking with visitors, or just people coming to force me out of my own home, which happened earlier this year and so him barking keeps bringing back horrible memories.

There are so many different noises I can't stand, I think the only place I am safe from them is in my room.

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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26 Jun 2012, 1:23 am

kids screaming, nails on a blackboard, sounds i cant locate are particularly bad... you know those ones that you cant identify and you have to actually go looking for.... i've spent ages searching for what has turned out to be the neighbours lawnmower, or the freeway traffic... probably makes me a bit different to most as i have some hearing loss in some ranges due to countless sets of grommets and scaring on the eardrums as a result....


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26 Jun 2012, 3:29 am

yes, i'm very sensitive to sounds, especially if i'm trying to sleep. i can hear distant, faint sounds easily, some are ok for me, frogs croaking, crickets chirping(if not too close and loud). hearing other peoples music or tv will drive me crazy. one night i was trying to sleep and i could hear music coming from a neighbor a couple houses down. It wasn't like party loud, not even loud at all, my wife couldn't hear it unless she tried hard to. but it drove me nuts. i just couldn't stop thinking that i shouldn't have to hear their music, i actually got so wound up i got up and pounded on their door and told them to turn it down, and that is so not like me, i'm pretty non-confrontational if i can help it. i felt kind of embarrassed about it after. the next day i went out and bought earplugs to try. they work great for me, all i hear is my pulse and the internal sound of my breathing, it's so relaxing to me. sometimes i put them in when there isn't even much noise around. it's just very nice to walk around and do things and not even hear my footsteps. other sounds that bother me are people chewing or drinking, and cups or bottles being filled. steady, white noise can be quite relaxing to me, also the sound of crashing waves is very relaxing and pleasurable.


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26 Jun 2012, 4:28 am

I'm hypersensitive to sound, light, taste, touch, smell...all of them, really! The worst sounds are machinery or motor noises, other people's music/music radio, TV ads (I pre-record every single minute of TV I watch so that I can fast-forward through the ads), dogs barking, and children and babies crying. In the UK we have a radio station that's primarily low-pitched, well modulated speech, which I use at low volume as my 'white noise' to screen out other sounds. If they suddenly start playing music on this station, though, other than the brief, uncompressed signature tunes they use, I get so furious I could scream!


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26 Jun 2012, 4:47 am

I'm so glad I'm not alone with that.. drives me crazy sometimes, because of course other people can't understaand how terrible it is for you...
and yes I noticed that I am able to hear sounds nobody else notices. I often hear low humming or ringing when nobody else does, or the telephone when I'm in another part of the house and there's music on or something like that.


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26 Jun 2012, 5:25 am

I used to have your problems. Fortunately there is a very very simple solution to it:

DIY noise blocking headphones

Problem solved.

I was banned 1 minute after creating a thread which criticized the moderation, by mentioning issues like political censorship, social problems and problems of autism unfriendliness, especially in the chat.

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